Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The distinguished mayor of Buena Park Patsy Marshall will present the Buena Park American Little League Major Division All-Stars a special certificate of recognition Tuesday, August 14 at 5 p.m. at the beautiful Buena Park City Hall located at 6650 Beach Blvd., in Buena Park. The esteemed California State Senator Lou Correa will also be on hand for the presentation.

Correa was one of several guests of honor during the BPALL Opening Day Ceremony in February. We are pleased he will be joining our celebration.

Tell one, tell all! See your BPALL All-Stars receive high acclaimed city recognition for an outstanding All-Star run during the District 29 Tournament and the Section 5 Playoffs.

The 2007 Buena Park American Little League Major Division All-Stars were the first in league history to reach the Finals and to finish in second place.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Great End to a Great Season

The Party's Over
By Annie Rivera

Falling to Tustin Western with a score of 10-0 after 5 innings, Buena Park American folded their cards and called it a series.

It was a great run for Buena Park American Little League All-Stars. Ending their season as District 29 Champions, BPALL took a prestigious 2nd place honor in the Section 5 Playoffs.

The 2007 Buena Park American Little League All-Stars are the first team in BPALL history to be recognized with this honor and accolades.

On behalf of all the parents, siblings, families, friends and fans, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU BPALL for allowing us the opportunity to live through this experience with you. It was through your eyes, your spirit, your hard work, your determination, your willingness on and off the field were we able to reap the same benefits as you - city of Buena Park Champions!

We are very proud of each of your accomplishments and wish you all continued success in your future. Our hats off to you.

Listen to the Final Podcast of the 2007 Buena Park American Little League - Final Team Chant and Interview with Manager James Vierstra.

The 2007 Buena Park American Little League All-Stars Section 5 Playoffs 2nd Place.

The 2007 Buena Park American Little League All-Stars are the first team to reach the Semi-Finals and win 2nd place in the history of Buena Park American Little League.

BPALL await the trophy presentation.

The 2nd place trophy made its way down to every players' hands during the trophy presentation.

Andrew Romano holds the 2nd place trophy while Ricky Marquez looks on.

Sam Carralejo holds the 2nd place trophy.

Devyn Smith takes a turn in holding the 2nd place trophy.

Aaron Awat holds the trophy while teammates look on.

Luke Schultz gazes at the 2nd place trophy.

Teammates gather around the 2nd place trophy held by Papo.

Ricky Marquez and Luke Schultz focus in on the coach.

Sam Carralejo listens to the coaches.

Coach Angel, Isaiah, Christopher and Steve pose with the Section 5 Playoffs 2nd place trophy.

Teammates Isaiah Terrazas, Christopher "Papo" Rivera and Ryan "RyMo" Morgan take a minute to smile for the camera.

Fired Up BPALL Wins the Semi-Finals Game Against Tustin Western

Determination and Defense Kept BPALL Focused on the Win

By Annie Rivera

Buena Park American Little League carried over their momentum from the continuation game into the Semi-Finals and it was 3-D: Drive, Determination and Defense that kept them focused.

Taking the mound was Christopher Rivera who finished the game strong with 10 strikeouts for the win.

BPALL came alive in the 3rd inning as Andrew Romano and Rivera drew walks. Kyle Schultz singled knocking in Romano and Rivera to score. Justin Ray hit a 3-RBI homerun in the same inning.

The final score was Buena Park American 5, Tustin Western 2.

Winning pitcher: Christopher Rivera

HR: Justin Ray

Next game - Section 5 Championship game - Thursday, July 19, 2007 at 6 p.m. versus Tustin Western @ La Mirada Little League field

Christopher Rivera takes command on the mound.

Kyle Schultz with a monster single to score 2 runs.

Andrew Romano tags home for the first run.

Christopher Rivera beats the throw to home plate and is safe for another run.

Justin Ray hits a 3-RBI homer.

Listen to Podcasts:

Kyle Schultz 2-RBI Single
Justin Ray 3-RBI Homerun

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BPALL Wins the Tie

Sluggers and Pitchers Made the Difference

By Annie Rivera

Buena Park American Little League faced Yorba Hills Little League for the second time.

BPALL was scoreless in the 1st inning but later in the game BPALL broke the game open with hits from Justin Ray who singled in the 2nd inning; Andrew Romano singled to left field; Rivera who was intentionally walked; Clayton Vison who singled to left field; Cole Timm who singled and scored Romano; and Ricky Marquez who hit a solo homerun.

Starting pitcher Kyle Schultz threw heat despite YHLL answering back with 3 runs of their own. Relief pitcher Ryan Morgan kept their bats mute in extra innings.

Tied at 3-3 after the 6th inning, Christopher Rivera lined a solo homerun for the potential go-ahead run. But Yorba Hills battled back and scored a run on an error.

Even-slated at 4-4 the lights failed to come on and both teams agreed to a continuation game Wednesday at 5 p.m. This after friends, families and fans waited over an hour for the lights to turn on.

Fast forward to Wednesday July 18.

Buena Park, the visiting team, was pumped and ready to play. Picking up where we left off, lead-off hitter at the top of the eighth, Ricky Marquez doubled to left field. Andrew Romano drew a walk. Christopher Rivera was intentionally walked. Clayton Vison hit into a fielder's choice to third and Marquez was out at home. Runners advanced to 2nd and 3rd. Cole Timm RBI singled to score Rivera while Vison advanced to 3rd. Kyle Schultz singled and bases were loaded. Ryan Morgan doubled to right field and scored all three runners. On an attempt to take 3rd on extra bases, Morgan was thrown out at 3rd to end the half-inning.

Sam Carralejo took the mound with great fashion inducing a ground ball to Romano at 3rd to Terrazas at 1st. Carralejo struck out the 2nd batter. The third batter hit a long fly ball to center field but BPALL's Justin Ray made a diving play for what appeared to be the 3rd and final out but came up short. With one man on 1st Yorba Hills grounded back to Carralejo at the mound which was fielded calmly and cleanly. Carralejo jogged over to 1st base and lightly tossed it to Terrazas at 1st for the final out of the continuation game.

Starting pitcher: Kyle Schultz (in regulation)
Relief pithcher: (in regulation)
Winning pitcher: Sam Carralejo (continuation)

HR: R. Marquez; C. Rivera

Clayton Vison singled.

Ricky Marquez hit a homerun.

Isaiah Terrazas nearly beat-out the throw to 1st.

Devyn Smith takes a nice cut.

Justin Ray singled.

Kyle Schultz was starting pitcher.

Ryan Morgan and Schultz discuss strategies on the mound.

Christopher Rivera homered in extra innings.

Ryan Morgan was relief pitcher.

Ricky Marquez doubled to lead-off the top of the 8th inning in the continuation game July 18.

Ryan Morgan's double drove in three runs to win the game.

Sam Carralejo was the winning pitcher in the continuation game July 18.

Carralejo went after the batters with poise and confidence.

Carralejo showed good form on the mound.

Carralejo finished strong on the mound.

Listen to Podcasts:

End of the 5th inning - scores
Tied at 3-3 the game went into extra innings
Rivera's HR in extra innings
Morgan's 3-RBI double in the contination game
Sam Carralejo - winning pitcher
BP Cheer - led by Buena Park Girls Softball All-Stars and Stacey Schultz - "head cheerleader"

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let There Be Light

Knotted at 4-4 both Buena Park American and Yorba Hills were left in the dark. Literally.

By Annie Rivera

Someone forgot to pay the light bill.

Going into the eight o'clock hour the lights failed to turned on. Postponing the game for almost 1 hour, coaches on both teams decided to call it a night because by the looks of things no city official was going to bust their tail to come out and turn on lights for a little league game. Forgot that.

The game will continue at 5 p.m. Wednesday, July 18. Already in extra innings, BPALL will be up to bat in the top of the ninth inning.

More details will be posted tomorrow.

Come out and support the team!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

BPALL Bats Were Quiet

Bigger Bats Tend to Win Games and Bigger Bats BPALL Did Not Have

BPALL bats were quiet most of the night. In the 3rd inning Andrew Romano hit a blooper over the pitcher's head for a single. With Christopher Rivera up to bat, taking a 0-1 pitch a pass ball moved Romano to 2nd. Rivera went the other way with a hit to right field but the right fielder erred and could not hold on to the ball scoring Romano for a run. That would be BPALL's only run of the night.

BPALL came close to their 2nd run but Justin Ray was called out at the plate while stealing home. On a pass ball, Tustin Western catcher hustled to feed their pitcher the ball to tag Ray out at home plate. One would argue with the judgement call made by the umpire. "How do you make a call from behind the play blue," one spectator yelled. Another lone voice almost lost in the crowd exclaimed, "Maybe you oughta get in front of the play to call it blue."

After only 2 innings, Rivera was replaced by Romano on the mound who seemed to have fared better in this one-sided match up.

Keeping up with the hit parade, the final blow was a Tustin Western two-RBI homer over left field to mercy BPALL in the bottom of the 5th inning with a score 11-1.

Losing pitcher: Christopher Rivera
Reliever: Andrew Romano

Next game: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 6 p.m. versus Yorba Hills @ La Mirada.

Andrew Romano had the only hit in the game for BPALL.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Buena Park American Little League Win Game 1 of Section 5 Opener

BPALL Defense Kept District 56 At Bay

By Annie Rivera

Going into unknown territory did not faze Buena Park American Little League Major All-Stars. BPALL stepped it up and represented District 29 proudly by winning Game 1 of Section 5 playoffs.

Kyle Schultz continued on his homerun streak by hitting a bomb at center field to score for BPALL in the second inning.

The game winning RBI for BPALL came in the second inning with bases loaded, Christopher Rivera was hit-by-a-pitch which drove in Justin Ray for a run.

District 56 Yorba Hills scored one run in the 5th inning. Defense was the key to BPALL's arsenal. District 56 hit a line drive to right field but Luke Schultz showed off his arm strength when he threw home on a one-bouncer to Ryan Morgan who fielded it cleanly and kept the potential tying run at 3rd.

Final score: District 29 (BPALL) 2, District 56 (Yorba Hills) 1

C. Rivera 1-2; HBP, 2B, Run; GWR
C. Vison 0-2
C. Timm 0-2
K. Schultz 1-3; HR, Run
R. Morgan 2-3
J. Ray 2-3; Run
I. Terrazas 0-1; BB
R. Marquez 1-1
A. Romano 0-2
S. Carralejo 1-1
L. Schultz 0-1
A. Awat 1-1
D. Smith 0-1

Winning Pitcher: K. Schultz (4.1 IP)
Closer: Ryan Morgan (1.2 IP)

(NA*- subject to verification)

Next game: Monday, July 16, 2007 vs. Tustin/Anaheim (Dist. ?) at 7:30 p.m. @ Behringer Park

Host District 29 Administrators greet BPALL Coaching Staff during introductions prior to the start of Game 1 in the Section 5 Playoffs.

Teammates Ricky Marquez and Andrew Romano give each other "pound" during the Opening Ceremony of Section 5 Playoffs.

Teammates Kyle Schultz and Cole Timm also give each other "pound" during the Opening Ceremony of Section 5 Playoffs.

Sam Carralejo closely examines a trading pin during the Opening Ceremony of Section 5 Playoffs.

Teammates Justin Ray and Isaiah Terrazas during the Opening Ceremony of the Section 5 Playoffs.

Marquez, Romano, Devyn Smith, Carralejo and Aaron Awat stand in formation during the Opening Ceremony of Section 5 Playoffs.

BPALL recite the Pledge of Allegiance just before the start of Game 1 in the Section 5 Playoffs.

Clayton Vison loads up during his at-bat.

Clayton Vison takes a swing during his at-bat.

Isaiah works a walk to first base.

Papo takes a hit which scored Justin Ray from third while bases were loaded in the second inning.

Kyle Schultz was the starting pitcher in Game 1 of the Section 5 Playoffs.

From his knees, Papo fields a ground ball...

And tosses it to get the lead-off runner out at second.

In the same inning, with back-to-back plays to short stop, Rivera catches a high bouncer...

and steps on the bag for the third out at second.

Kyle Schultz hit a solo-homerun in the second inning.

Ryan Morgan tracks the ball all the way in.

Sam Carralejo gets ready at second.

Ryan Morgan catches a throw from right-fielder Luke Schultz...

to hold District 56's runner at 3rd.

Aaron Awat singled in the top of the fourth inning.

Devyn Smith examines the pitcher during his at-bat.

Luke Schultz with the bullet-throw from right field to catcher Ryan Morgan (9-2) assisted in keeping the runner at third base.

Devyn Smith in left field.

Sam Carralejo runs out to the second base.

Rivera on his way to a double.

Justin Ray at shortstop.

Justin Ray singled and beat the throw out at first.

Isaiah Terrazas hustles to first base on a ground ball.

Andrew Romano asked for the ball during a steal by a District 56 player.

Clayton Vison at second base.

Cole Timm takes a swing.

Luke Schultz loads up during his at-bat.

Luke Schultz waits for his pitch.

Ryan Morgan closed the game for BPALL.

Coach Jeff Morgan congratulates his son, Ryan while teammates Isaiah Terrazas and Christopher Rivera give each other high-fives. Clayton Vison waits for the rest of his teammates to join him on the field.

After the Game 1 Win, teammates congratulate each other on the field.

Friends, family and fans gathered to watch BPALL in Game 1 of the Section 5 Playoffs.

Papo's grandparents Junior and Dina came out to support the team.

Joseph, Devyn's father, after Game 1 of Section 5 Playoffs.

Kids from the Hanko and Rivera families pose for the camera.

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Double-threat: Schultz Brothers
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Tom Timm Sr. and his assessment on Game 1 of Section 5 Playoffs
Bob Chance on the Win for District 29's BPALL in the Section 5 Playoffs vs. Yorba Hills
Bob Wahlsteen on His Perspective of Game 1 in the Section 5 Playoffs vs. Yorba Hills

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