Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Final Bow

One Last Curtain Call
By Annie Rivera

"Twin Towers" Kyle Schultz and Christopher Rivera unveil the championship banner.

Opening Day was its typical gathering of eager little leaguers, coaches, team parents, and a whip of supporting band of family and friends at Buena Park American Little League's Crosby Field. And this old timer league has seen its share of parading teams, in fact, 50 plus years of it.

But it would be a decade before our generation would see a group of strapping young boys and enthusiastic coaches (dads and dads of dads) who would bring home a championship. A vacant spot on the high chain-linked fence above home plate was finally filled with the 2007 Buena Park American Little League All-Stars District 29 Championship banner; as well as the Finalist in the Section 5 Playoffs, the furthest any BPALL team has accomplished in its more than 50 year history. The proud recipients of this glorious title beamed with smiles. Their countenance was strong with confidence. Their demeanor was professional. Men among boys this group of athletes took their final bow, marking the last time this team of All-Stars would be together on Crosby Field. For the city, the league, and history books, it would be the moment to remember for a lifetime.

For many it was the somber reality their child's five, six or seven year little league career has come to an end. But for many it was the dawning of new beginnings. Until a new banner is hoisted, this championship belongs to the team, the league, and to us.

(L-R): 2008 BPALL President George Carralejo, (background) Tom Timm, Sr., Sam Carralejo, Luke Schultz, Devyn Smith, (background) Ricky Marquez, Cole Timm, Andrew Romano, Ryan Morgan, Clayton Vison (#7 jersey), Justin Ray (background) and Isaiah Terrazas (#13 jersey) check out the banner.

The 2007 Buena Park American Little League All-Star team are truly #1 in the history books as they pose in front of their championship banner. Pictured (L-R): Justin Ray, Devyn Smith, Cole Timm, Clayton Vison, Ryan Morgan, Ricky Marquez, Isaiah Terrazas, Luke Schultz, Christopher Rivera, Kyle Schultz, Andrew Romano, Coach Angel Terrazas, Aaron Awat, Coach Tom Timm, Sr. (back), Sam Carralejo (front), and Coach Jeff Morgan (not pictured: Manager James Vierstra).

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